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You may have already sensed that the food we eat represents a significant, previously unrecognized, source of chronic stress. The unnatural stress imparted on animals and plants through the industrialized food infrastructure is coming full circle back to those who consume them in a perverse version of "you are what you eat".

Low-Stress Food serves as a unifying paradigm that mechanistically links the health benefits of various progressive food movements including organic foods, local foods, "slow foods", vegetarianism, raw foods, in-season foods, non-GMO foods, macrobiotics, unprocessed foods, natural foods and free-range meats. Making informed choices regarding Low-Stress Food empowers various progressive social movements through enlightened self-interest.

At the core of all mainstream belief systems is the "Golden Rule"—the idea that kindness and cruelty both return in kind. Low-Stress Food extends that notion to the food that we eat, and espouses the broader holistic philosophy that good relationships, whether personal or systemic, are the foundation to building a better world.

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